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Junior Tennis for all Ages and Abilities

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At the Cities Academy, we provide excellent on-court coaching and programs for every age and ability, from the youngest first-time beginners to our seasoned tournament players. A player can enter at any stage along the ICT “Player Pathway” and find a place to learn and improve, while having tons of fun. Whatever your age or skill level, we have a program that fits you! Click a link below to learn more.

2020 Winter Registration is Open!


  • 2020 WINTER SESSION (January 4 - February 21) • Register Online
  • 2020 EARLY SPRING SESSION (February 22 - April 10) • Registration Opens Jan 15
  • 2020 LATE SPRING SESSION (April 13 - June 1) • Registration Opens Jan 15
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Scholarships available for families in need. 2019-20 Scholarship Application and requirements.

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Development Pathway
Brochure • Class Options

Performance Pathway
Brochure • Class Options

Red Rockets - 6U (ages 4-6) & 8U (ages 7-8)

Orange Advanced - (ages 7-10)

Orange Crushers - 10U (ages 9-10)

Green Advanced - (ages 9-12)

Green Machines - 12U (ages 11-12)

Yellow Transition - (ages 10-13)

Yellow Acers - 18U (ages 13-18)
• Fast Track - Beginner to Low Intermediate
• Yellow Acers 1 - Low Intermediate to Intermediate
• Yellow Acers 2 - Intermediate to High Intermediate

High Performance - (ages 11-18)
• Only players who have a UTR of 5.0 or higher may register without coach approval

Junior Development Pathway • Download Brochure

RED ROCKETS • Register Online
6U (ages 4-6) • 8U (ages 7-8)

Red Ball courses are for young hitters with little or no tennis experience. Instructors use ICT’s patented Kidspeed® learning tools and stations to teach their players the ABC’s (agility, balance, and coordination) of athletic skill and tennis development. To ensure early fun and success, kid-friendly foam (6U) and felt (8U) balls with shorter rackets are used on appropriately scaled 36-foot courts. 

We recommend players ages 4-8 register for Red Ball courses.
Recommended racket size: 19" - 23" (aluminum frame).

ORANGE CRUSHERS • Register Online
10U (ages 9-10) 

Orange Ball courses are for 10U kids who will learn tactics on an age appropriate sized court. Enthusiastic instructors teach tennis fundamentals while directing the players through a variety of fun games and drills on a 60’ scaled tennis court with lightweight orange balls and shorter rackets. The goal is to help each player to rally with a partner, hit consistent serves, play singles and doubles, and accurately keep score.

We recommend players ages 9-10 register for Orange Ball courses.
​Recommended racket size: 23" - 25" (aluminum frame).

GREEN MACHINES • Register Online
12U (ages 10-12) 

Green Ball courses are for 12U beginners to advanced players, who aspire to get on the competitive tennis track. Using the slightly lighter weight green ball, enthusiastic instructors teach tennis fundamentals while directing players through a variety of fun games and drills that focus on consistency, accuracy, court position, as well as singles and doubles match play. Such as Advanced Green Ball classes or our yellow ball classes.

We recommend players ages 11-12 register for Green Ball classes.
Recommended racket size: 25" - 26" (graphite frame under 10 ounces).

YELLOW BALL CLASSES 18U (ages 13-18)

FAST TRACK (Beginners to Low Intermediate) • Register Online
Fast Track Courses are available for players ages 13-18 with little or no tennis experience. Classes teach fundamentals and get kids playing the game quickly!

YELLOW ACERS 1 (Low Intermediate to Intermediate) • Register Online
These classes are for players who enjoy the game and may aspire to play middle school or junior varsity high school tennis. Workouts are designed to be challenging and fun for this skill level. During drills, coaches focus on a specific tactic and stroke, emphasizing proper technique, consistency, and footwork. During in-house match play coaches help players understand singles and doubles tactics as well as the proper use of power and accuracy.

YELLOW ACERS 2 (Intermediate to High Intermediate) • Register Online
Yellow Acers 2 classes are for players who have experience competing on JV, Varsity, or USTA teams or in entry level tournaments. Activities are fast-paced and designed to give players the physical, technical, and tactical skills they need to improve their competitive performance with the goal of moving up a level or two in high school or USTA competition. During in-house match play and Team Tennis competition (when in season), coaches help players develop winning match play tactics including the proper use of power and how to attack an opponent's weakness.

We recommend players ages 13-18 register for Yellow Ball classes.
Recommended racket size: 25" - 27" (graphite frame of 9-10.6 ounces).

Junior Performance Pathway • Download Brochure

Additional cost and multiple days required.
For more information, email Head Coach of 12U Programs, Kathy Alex at

ORANGE ADVANCED 10U (ages 7-10) • Register Online
Orange Advanced are invitation only classes for young players, typically ages 7-10, who have developed proper grips, swing paths, and service motion. During Advanced training, coaches stress proper footwork, ball control, and court positioning. Age-appropriate games and drills encourage young athletes to test their skills and experience the joy of honorable competitive play.

GREEN ADVANCED 12U (ages 9-12) • Register Online
Green Advanced are invitation only classes for young players, typically ages 9-12, who are physically ready to train, compete and execute basic tactics on a full sized, 78’ tennis court. When appropriate, coaches will transition players into the yellow ball.

HIGH PERFORMANCE 18U (ages 11-18) • Register Online
For more information, email Tennis & Education Director, Isaac McBroom at

High Performance training is for committed, year-round tournament players who compete regularly in upper level USTA competitions and aspire to play college tennis someday. This is a comprehensive program designed to give players the tactical training and tools they need to compete at the highest levels of the game. Each week includes hours of intense drilling, tennis-specific conditioning, and competitive point and match play. Private athletic development and tennis coaching is highly recommended; discounted packages available.

On-going tournament participation is required, and only players who have competed in at least six tournaments over the past six months (including one Level 4 or higher) and have a UTR of 5.0 or higher may register for High Performance training without prior director approval.