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Coaches Tips & Workouts


Workouts With Maks

ICT Coach Maks Yorsh has crafted weekly workouts to keep you moving!

Legs & Balance Circuit


Lower Body Burn


Upper Body and Cardio Blast Circuit


Core Circuit

ICT Coaches Drills

Check out the ICT coaches demonstrating drills you can do from home

Spencer Jones - 20 Ball Burnout Drill

Great tennis drill to improve footwork, generate your own pace, and get a cardio burn


Callee Anderson - Shadow Swing Practice

All of these drills can be done without a ball. You can do these in your driveway, house, or a nearby tennis court!


Nick Dunivant - Volley Challenge

This is a great drill for all players to improve forehand and backhand form.


Bill Stark - Shadow Swing Cardio Workout

This workout is great for players of all levels! It's a good cardio workout, along with some great technique reminders, enjoy!

ICT Coaches Tips & Tricks

Check out our ICT Tennis Professionals with their favorite tips and tricks

Mason Bultje - Overhead Tip

This is a great tip to help with the overhead swing.


Dilcia Stromberg - Doubles Tip

Learn a doubles tip from InnerCity Tennis Coach Dilcia!


Nick Dunivant - Serving Tip

This is a great drill for all players to improve forehand and backhand form.


Spencer Jones - Behind the Back Trick Shot

Coach Spencer teaches you his favorite trick shot - the behind the back shot!

ICT Coaches Challenges & More

See if you can keep up with our pros in these fun challenges you can do from home

David Petersen - Red Rocket Challenge

These two rocket challenges will help work on continental grip and hand-eye coordination skills! Made for the Red Rocket InnerCity Tennis players.


Mason Bultje - Dribble Challenge

Check out Coach Mason's dribble challenge and freestyle moves! Now, let's see yours! Tag us @innercitytennis


Laura Myers - Riddle Challenge

Let's get our brains working with this riddle challenge! Answers are at the end, don't peek!


Dylan Kelly - Mask Challenge

Make your own stylish face mask right at home, no sewing required! Coach Dylan will walk you through the steps - stay safe!


Bill Stark - Tennis Ball Can Bird Feeder

Looking for fun activities to do with the kids in your lives? We're going to learn how to make a bird feeder!