Impact Series

I hope you will enjoy an inside look at the tangible and meaningful difference our work is having on the kids we serve as told by our coaches themselves. 

- John Wheaton, Executive Director

Vol. 1: Reading is Power!

"Coach Laura, remember at the beginning of the year when I never wanted to read? Now, I'm reading every time I'm here!"

- Maxton, 7 years old, Northside Legacy Program

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Vol. 2: See What Tennis Can Do?

These students face so many challenges every day, but when they are able to connect with caring adults and mentors like our ICT coaches, volunteers, and tennis community, it can make a bigger difference than any of us will know. - Coach Mason Bultje

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Vol. 3: Our Youngest Players Celebrate and Inspire Our Coaches

Arthur and William are the best of friends. They live near each other and attend the same school in South Minneapolis. Together, they are learning to play tennis at InnerCity Tennis. Though they’re just beginning, Arthur and William love tennis and everything about it. They are 4 years old. 

- Coach David Petersen

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Vol. 4: Energy That Speaks Volumes

When I think about a special student we’ve impacted with our Outreach programming, one young player at the Nokomis-Wenonah campus jumps to mind. Our team delivers programming specifically designed for children on the autism spectrum at that site, and we’ve been doing so for 11 years now. This particular student has participated in our program for 3 years and is now 9 years old.

- Coach Dilcia Stromberg

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Vol. 5: Perseverance Paving the Way to Player’s Goals

I admire Greta’s perseverance and enthusiasm on the court. Over the summer and fall she kept grinding away and her confidence grew. Her ability to focus on the long-term process even in the face of discouraging short-term outcomes has allowed her game to flourish.

- Coach Spencer Jones

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Vol. 6: Enthusiastic Player Helps Elevate Others

When I first met Payton, it was very obvious that she was capable not only of being a great tennis player, but also of being a great leader for her group. Whenever I see her she always has a smile on her face.

- Coach Nick Dunivant

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Vol. 7: From Turkmenistan to Minnesota

Due to her focus on the small details, she quickly excelled in the Advanced Green Ball program. She developed flawless technique that many who've coached her say reminds them of Roger Federer.

- Coach Ben Wheaton

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Vol. 8: Coaching Provides a Front Row Seat to Children’s Joy

When I looked at them, I saw myself. I knew I was in the right place and in the right position with ICT.

- Coach Mason Bultje

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