Women's Daytime Leagues


ICT COVID-19 Update: An email was sent to our patrons on March 16, 2020. Currently, all activities at the Reed Sweatt Family Tennis Center are suspended until further notice.
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Womens Daytime League
Singles and Doubles Teams Coached by ICT Pros

• 2020-21 Season Information Available Mid July!

The Women’s Daytime Tennis League consists of teams representing independent facilities throughout the Twin City metropolitan area. InnerCity Tennis has singles and doubles teams (2.5 - 5.0) that compete in the league each year. Play runs from September - early May. Teams are coached by ICT's professional tennis staff.

Match times played at other clubs may differ from ICT's match times. Home team sites all have unique match times.

Singles: Half of singles matches are played at InnerCity Tennis, with the below times, and half are played away.

Doubles Registration

  • 4.0 - 4.5   Monday (Times Options TBD)
  • 3.5   Tuesday (Times Options TBD)
  • 3.0   Wednesday (Times Options TBD)
  • 2.5   Thursday (Times Options TBD)


Doubles: All four matches are played at one site. The time is determined by the home site.

Register Online

  • 4.5 - 5.0   Wednesday (Times Options TBD)
  • 4.0    Friday (Times Options TBD)
  • 3.5    Thursday (Times Options TBD)
  • 3.0    Friday (Times Options TBD)

SINGLES TEAMS: Matches consist of 6 players. On match dates, half the team will play at home, the other half at the opposing team site. Match play is 90 minutes, using regular scoring with a 10-point match tie-breaker in lieu of a 3rd set.

DOUBLES TEAMS: Matches consist of 4 teams (8 players). All matches are played at one site. Match play is 2 hours, using regular scoring with a 10-point match tie-breaker in lieu of a 3rd set.

TEAM PRACTICES: Players are required to attend the team practice scheduled on the off-match weeks or are responsible for finding a substitute if they cannot attend. InnerCity Tennis provides a sublist but you can also select someone you know at your level to attend. Players are charged for practice no-shows. Please be on time!

TEAM ROSTERS: InnerCity Tennis will determine team rosters and initial team positions by player USTA ratings and last year’s results. We have given an opportunity to be on the same team as a friend if your player ratings are the same.

USTA MEMBERSHIP: Players must have a current USTA membership, good through May of the following year, before they can sign up. Purchase your USTA Membership here.


  1. A prepaid Tennis Center Annual Registration Fee is required to enter a league (excluding subs);
    must be valid through August 31.
    NEW THIS YEAR! Monthly registration option: Individual $20, Household $30.
    Annual registrations good for one full year from day of purchase: Individual $125, Household $200.
  2. Per Player Match & Practice Fees - 1.5 Hour Singles ($24), 2 hour doubles ($22)

Contact Kyle Buchmeier, Women's Daytime Teaching Pro, at kyle.buchmeier@innercitytennis.org.