ICT understand the cost of particpating in tennis, therefore ICT has established scholarships to help offset the cost.


ICT’s Junior Scholarship assists families when financial limitations occur. Eligibility for the program is determined by completing the application and attaching the required documentation.


Below are some scholarships availbe for Junior Players; Register Online


InnerCity Tennis

  • ICT Junior Scholarship (see application below)
  • Tennis & Life Camp Scholarship (contact Bao Thao for more information)

USTA Northern

  • Tennis Camp Scholarships
  • Entry-Level Tournament Scholarship
  • Junior Tennis Scholarship




ICT Junior Scholarship FAQ


Who can apply?

Any families who are in need of financial assistance.


What are some requirements if I receive the scholarship?

One of ICT’s core values is “service”; scholarship recipient must complete 6 service hours per year during ICT’s Super Saturdays program. Scholars under 10 are exempt from this guideline. Scholars are required to complete a reflection of their service experience. Future award amount may be affected, if scholars do not complete these requriments.


What are the steps to apply?

Complete scholarship application and provide documentation prior to registering for the class. Incomplete applications and documentation will be put on hold and not processed until all is complete.


What kind of documentation is needed?

In addition to the application the following documentation is needed.

  • A copy of the two most recent pay stubs of all income earners in household,
  • A copy of your previous year’s federal tax returns or,
  • If you have no income and do not file income taxes, attach a note explaining why you have no income.


When will I know if I am accepted?

Eligibility will be determined and notified to you within ten business days of receipt of application. We will notify you, per your request, by phone, email or mail if there are additional requests needed to process.



Will all of my information be kept confidential?

All information submitted for the scholarship is for the purpose of eligibility determination is kept confidential. No personal information will be shared outside ICT.


How long can I use the assistance if I am approved?

The assistance is good for the full tennis season (Sept - Aug); you must reapply every fall.


For more information contact: Bao Thao, Sr Manager, Community Engagement and Programs