Academic Creative Engagement (ACE)

Tennis and Education delivered free of charge

Academic Creative Engagement (ACE), developed by National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) is an out-of-school academic curriculum connected to 21century skills, Common Core State and National Standards and the sport of tennis.  ACE is designed to support academic achievement, health/wellness and social/emotional skills and is accredited by the National Councils of Teachers of Mathematics and English.  Lessons range from multi-cultural literacy texts to kinetic geometry exercises performed on the tennis court.  Learning is active, hands-on and connects to learners with varied learning styles.  Cooperative learning is foremost, with a dynamic, interactional style with other students, teachers, coaches and families.

ICT currently delivers ACE programming for no charge at 2 community locations: North Minneapolis Public Elementary school Hmong International Academy and at Bdote Learning Center, a K – 3 Dakota/Ojibwe immersion charter school in SE Minneapolis. 

If you are interested in bringing the ACE program to your school or community organization, please contact Education Coordinator, Laura Myers at 612-825-6844